My curriculum

Born in Bologna in 1955, in 1974 he takes a diploma in Flute with full marks at the Public Music Conservatoire "G.B. Martini" of his city, mentored by the Maestro Giorgio Zagnoni. In the same year he wins the national selection for the composition of the Orchestra of "Lyric International Festival of Barga City" (LU), formed by Italian and American instrumentalists. The Americans were part of the "New Music Group" of Philadelphia under Artistic Director Maestro Bruno Rigacci. In the same year he was awarded the Honourable Mention From the Judging Committee of the 4th National Contest for graduates "Nicola Petrini Zamboni" of Cesena (FC). From 1974 to 1978 he wins the national selection for the role of Principal Flute at the Orchestra of the Symphonic Institution of Abruzzo, located in L'Aquila and under the aegis of Abruzzo Region, performing over 150 concerts and doing intense activity in chamber music groups, born from the Orchestra itself, and playing under the direction of prestigious Conductors like Gianluigi Gelmetti, Roman Vlad, Carlo Zecchi, Alessandro Siciliani, Nicola Samale, Vittorio Antonellini. In 1976 he became a tenured teacher of Western Concert Flute at the Musical Studies High School "Achille Peri" of Reggio Emilia. He was part of the Ensemble of Chamber Music "Musica e Realtà" (Music and Reality) in the same city. In 1979 he specialized at the Musical Academy of Nice (France), with Maestro Andrai Adorjan. He was a finalist at the Contest publicised by RAI "Auditorium, Festival of Young Interpreters" at the Foro Italico of Rome and at the National Contest of Musical Chamber of Corsico (Milan). In 1981 he won three second prizes at the "National Contest of Music for the Young People of Stresa" (NO), in the "Flute and Guitar", "Flute Duets" e "Flute and Piano" categories. For years he played solo in concerts and in different chamber groups like "Toys Ensemble" of Modena, born from the Composition Courses held by Conductors Franco Donatoni and Andrea Talmelli. He participated in some important Italian Events like the Venice Biennale, the Cultural Centre "Olivetti" of Ivrea, Santa Cecilia and Auditorium del Foro Italico of Rome, the Cultural Association "Jonica" of Reggio Calabria, the Aquila Society of Concerts "Bonaventura Barattelli", Bologna and the Humanism of the National Picture Gallery of Bologna and the International Art Site of Montepulciano (SI). In 1990 he created a chamber duet with guitarist Carlo Mastropietro of Reggio Emilia, offering a repertoire that goes from the eighteenth century to Contemporary authors, in a constant research of the most significant pages composed for the two instruments, and supervising the flute part of important sonate for this type of duet, published by Hyperprism of Perugia. With Mastropietro he did more than 130 concerts in Italy and abroad (Berlin, International Guitar Festival; Friends of La Scala Theatre, Milan; "Valli" and "Cavallerizza" Theatres of Reggio Emilia; "Rossini" Theatre of Lugo; Hannover, Regensburg Festival; Stintino (SS); Treviso; Rome; Ferrara, "International Showroom of Music"). During the Venice Biennale their CD "Finestre sul Novecento", entirely dedicated to authors of the last century, edited by "RivoAlto" of Treviso was reviewed with the highest technical and artistic ratings by one of the most famous magazine in this field (CD- Classica, Amadeus, FaLaUt). He recently formed a duet with harpist Anna Pasetti, with a repertoire dedicated mainly to unpublished Italian authors. He carries on a very active collaboration with a Trio of young string instruments (Violin, Viola and Violoncello) members of the Orchestra "Mozart" of Maestro Abbado with performances of famous W. A. Mozart Quartets.